All the ERP features


Multiusers: it’s possible multiple access and working simultaneously in the same account

Multilingual: it’s possible to set up the account also in English and in Spanish

Multi-currency: it’s possible to issue documents in different currencies

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): you can plan and organize commercial activities and manage company contacts, in particular potential customers (leads)

Profiles: account access authorisations are available with customizable features for each user

Customizable menu: you can organize your favorite buttons and features widgets

Go Express: quick links to forms and features related to your current working are available

Print templates: you can use many predefined templates and you can also customize brand new templates

Lists: documents, product sheets and contacts are available in lists

Search and Advanced Search: you can use a powerful search engine for data and information

Import: data upload is available

Export: data download is available

Copy Document: to easily replicate data you can copy a document

Automated document flow: you can transform one document into another just with one click (for example: order -> invoice)

Integrated inventory / accounting update: update are automatic when you save a document

Numerators and sectionals: they are useful to divide and organize documents

Attachments: you can insert images and attach files into drafted documents

Additional information: you can check inventory, prices and margins during document drafting



Customer Register: personal data, financial, merchandise, accounting, tax, related contacts, locations, attributes, warehouses and other data are available

Geolocation: customers are displayed on the map

Prices: you can set the price through the mark-up on the purchase cost of the goods and / or materials, price lists for individual customers or groups

Payment conditions: they are predefined and customizable

Sales quote: this document is useful to make offers to customers

Sales order: this document is useful to fill the order confirmation and manage delivery time

Transport documents: this document is useful to describe goods “out”, specific reasons, transportation conditions, etc.

Invoice: drafting from transport documents, orders or quotations is available

Sales force invoice: this document is useful in order to formalize your sales force job, commissions and fees

Cash Register: Giobby Pos Service is available for receipts using a compatible fiscal printers

Charges: day’s receipts registration is available

Variation notes: credit note and debt note are available

Registration of collection: it is available as single in the documents or multiples by customer

Electronic invoice to Public Administration: split payment and electronic file in XML format



Register of Suppliers: personal data, financial, merchandise, accounting, tax, related contacts, attributes, offices and warehouses and other data are available

Vendor lists: specific prices from each supplier are manageable

Purchase Order: this document is useful to fill the order to the supplier, also by importing data from customers sales orders

Transport documents: this document is useful to describe goods “in”, specific reasons, transportation conditions

Purchase invoice: drafting from transport documents or from orders is available

Registration of Expenses and Costs: registration and protocol received documents is available, whether they are invoices, parcels, utilities, rents, receipts and tax receipts

Variation notes: credit note and debt note are available

Registration of payments: it is available as single in the documents or multiples by supplier



Barcode: you can use barcode to quickly record data to draft documents

Print labels: this features is useful to attach labels on materials

Images: you can manage a product pictures gallery

Data: you can manage price, VAT and accounting

Groups: you can manage categories and types

Additional fields: they are available in order to specific details (for example: sizes and colors)

Bill of materials: multilevel production and recommended selling price are available

Production load: the process is useful to load products and unload raw material from the warehouse



Logistics: multiple locations and internal multilocation are available

Lots and serial: they are available in order to be linked to goods and use in sale process

Stock: fast stock display is available

Returns: you can fill supplier returns and customer returns

Internal material movement: you can manage product movements from a warehouse to another and locations inside the same warehouse

List of movements: you can manage all warehouse movements

Temporary materials transfer: it’s possible in order to repair, sell, work on, change, etc.

Automatic movements: issued documents automatically update stocks in warehouse



Schedule and account statements: they are available per customer, per supplier, total values ​​about payment and suspended amounts

Management banking money transfers: SEPA files are available

First Note: it includes payments and collections related to documents registered and issued

Accounting registration: you can easily record a generic account movement

Accounting list: you can analyse by single account or by totals, with filters and prints features

Chart of accounts: it is pre-defined and also customizable

Financial statements and accounting situations: standard and customizable structures, economic and financial performances are available

Banks and corporate funds: financial corporates index and liquidity management are available

Forecasting data: forecasting accounting movements is available

Bank reconciliation: you can upload the bank statement in order to settling amounts

Cost and profit centers: analytical accounting analysis is available

VAT settlement: you can manage it monthly, quarterly and yearly

VAT records: it is about purchases, sales and fees

Closing and reopening of accounts: it’s easy to update the accounting year

Accounting Book Journal: you can print all movements both automatic and manual records


Executive: the main management data are available on a single page

– sales turnover with graphs and values
– analysis of sales performance by customer, by product or by sales force
– sales margin (profit margin on products sold)
– commissions (analysis of turnover and calculation of amount due)

Purchases: analysis, trends and statistics on purchased products, multi-period comparisons

– material availability analysis based on stock and orders
– warehouse evaluation (graphic and numerical reports)
– warehouse inventory (comparison of the stock with the realizable value)
– historical stock (quantity and value of inventories on dates other than the current one)

Accounting: collections and payments over time, collection and payment average times, total customer and supplier suspended, cashflow data



Projects: Project management (project / activity / sub-activity) is available

Notice board: each activity has its own note board that includes post messages, attached documents, progress reports, etc.

Summary costs and revenues: it’s available a summary page explains costs and profits for each project or activity

Report: indexes and tables are available to better analyse data and information about your business

Personal Activities: you can view activities to do (integrated with CRM tools)

Calendar: event management and corporate and personal calendars are available

Integration: Projects are integrated with CRM, Calendar, Personal Activities and Accounting

Email: you can read and write email directly from Giobby, you can also send documents by email directly from the document drafting form (integrated with CRM)

Lists: you can manage all your contacts (business and private)

Sharing and collaboration: instant messages and notifications are available in order to facilitate internal and external communication.