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Cloud ERP + CRM
All essential features
2 Users included
1 Offices / Shops
1 Warehouse
Marketplace Giobby
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Cloud ERP + CRM
All essential features
Advanced features
5 Users included
1 Offices / Shops
Multiple Warehouses
Easy Start service
Marketplace Giobby
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Cloud ERP + CRM
All essential features
Advanced features
10 Users included
2 Offices / Shops
Multiple Warehouses
API - max 25K transaction
Easy Start service
Marketplace Giobby
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Cloud ERP + CRM
All essential features
Advanced features
Users (min 10)
Offices / Shops (on demand)
Multiple Warehouses
API - (on demand)
Dedicated Cloud (optional)
Easy Start service
Marketplace Giobby

¹    The above fares exclude VAT, the invoice amout is on annual based

Extra Users

You can add extra users to your plan at 15€/user per month

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Plan and features

Professional Premium Business Evolution
Users 2 5 10 on demand
Offices / Shops 1 1 2 on demand
Essential features
Mobile application iOS, Android
Contact / Customer / Supplier
Sales: quotations, orders, delivery notes, invoices, credit / debit notes, receipts, bills, self-invoices
Purchases: quotations, orders, goods receipt, invoices, credit / debit notes, receipts, bills
Products and Services¹
      - Barcode/QRcode
      - Product Characteristics (size/color ...)
      - Bill of material, kit management
      - Lots and Serials
Warehouse 1 multi multi multi
      - Internal movement with lots/serials, goods receipt, delivery, stock and inventory
      - Automatic material movement from invoices
      - Label printing
      - Warehouse locations -
Company Price Lists (sales/purchase)
      - Customer dedicated price lists
      - Price List print (with product images)
Sales Agent and fees management
End of month billing
Customer/supplier balance and payment reminders
Attachments (file) in the documents, projects and CRM
Project management with costs/revenues tracking
Dashboard & reports
Calendar shared/personal
Internal Chat
Mail (SMTP/POP/IMAP) just to send documents
Excel Import : customers, suppliers, produts, price lists and inventory
Essential accounting
Multiple Document Numerators
Payments, customer/vendor balance
Petty cash book
Bank and Cash
SEPA bank transfer, Riba
Advanced features
Customizable print templates -
Advanced accounting
      - Accounting movement (manual and automatic) -
      - Tax/VAT management -
      - Cost/profit center -
      - Assets Management -
      - Bank reconciliation -
      - Accounting journal -
      - Balance Sheet & P&L Statement -
      - Account Ledgers -
      - Customizable Chart of Accounts -
Forecast Accounting - -
Ecommerce connector plugins(amazon/ebay/shopify/woocommerce/prestashop...) -
Calendar synchronization - Office 365/Google Calendar -
API - development of ad hoc integrations - - 25k transactions on demand
Easy Start service² -
      - Excel import for master data - 3 3 3
      - Print templates customization - 1 3 5
      - Training - 1 3 on demand
Marketplace Giobby
      - Company Portal – Reserved Area for your B2B customers
      - eCommerce
Support via Ticket/Phone
User Guide and Forum
Download backup request 1/anno 1/anno 2/anno 4/anno

¹    Max 200.000 items. Limit on demand for the Evolution plan
²    Only for the 1st year

Other Services for your Business

Easy Start

It’s a complete service for the start phase, addressed to whoever wants to have an Expert for a Basic Training, starting Setup ed the Support to face first steps on Giobby.

Descover Easy Start

Plus Services

Giobby offers you add services that you can purchase in every moment such as Training, Master Data Import, customization Print Files and configuration Cash Registring.

Discover Plus Services


Why Giobby?

Because it is reliable, powerful and easy to use. You can manage your business / activity in a simple and integrated way, saving time.

What is Giobby’s Vision?

Connect and empower your business
Giobby helps you manage and connect your business. It opens new horizons to your company, increases your visibility, facilitates collaboration and connects you with other companies and people.
All this to create the largest business community.

Security and Privacy?

Giobby protects your data using security systems such as banking. Security and Privacy are our first goal.

Is the product update free?

Yes. Giobby is constantly updated by the team with the release of new versions and features

Are there any limits of space?

There are no limits of space. Only for extreme cases (improper use), we could apply a limitation. For technical reasons, we have a limit of 15Mb on the size of the single attached file (upload, mail …)

Why is it online?

So you save on infrastructure costs, you do not have to install anything on your PC because we think of updating the system, no risk of data loss and you do not have to worry about maintenance.

Is there an offline version to be installed locally?

No, because we believe in the benefits of having an online application that allows you to work on the move, encourage collaboration and increase your business. All this, always guaranteeing a safety standard equal to that of banking systems.

What do I do if the internet is not available?

Most of our users have an internet key or a tablet (iPad, Android) that uses both for mobility and for any secondary internet line.

What are the minimum requirements?

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Giobby’s favorite browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

Can I try Giobby without registering?

Yes, from the Home page you can access with a click to the trial version: without entering any information or registering.

Who can access my company?

You have a database completely dedicated to your company. Only you and the users you define in Giobby have the possibility to access them.

Can I export my data?

You can easily export data in Excel format from all the document lists (ex. List of Documents Issued, Register …)

Can I import my data?

You can import materials, suppliers, customers, stocks, lists and contacts. If you do not have time or want to import other types of data, you can take advantage of our Plus Services, we will be happy to help you. Write to us at sales [at] giobby.com.

Can my accountant use the data I enter in Giobby?

You can give access to your accountant by creating a user in Giobby. Not only that, among our 3rd Party Services you can find professionals who offer services of “online accountant”.

Is it possible for the accountant to import my issued invoices into his management system?

Yes, it is possible. In detail, after generating an invoice issued (which you will deliver to your customer in paper format or in .pdf) you can export the same invoice in the .xml format that the accountant can import in his management (if enabled for this function) and proceed with automatic accounting, obtaining considerable savings on working time. For the accountant, it will take only a few seconds to register hundreds of your bills issued in .xml format

Is there a free online support?

Yes, you have a complete online guide at your disposal. In addition there is a very active User Forum that can help you solve problems or difficulties related to the use of Giobby.

Can I register only to buy from the market?

Yes, it is possible to register only to make purchases on the Marketplace and use Giobby’s social network.

What is the Easy Start Service?

It is the service that, thanks to one of our experts, allows you to configure Giobby in the most correct and fast way. You will receive the start-up training from one of our experts, you can request the import of personal data (customers, suppliers and products), the customization of your print templates (eg invoices, orders, etc.) and if necessary the configuration of a cash register. With the Easy Start Service, move your first steps safely with Giobby

What are the Plus Services?

These additional services can be purchased separately at any time: training on specific areas, data import, print customization and other ad hoc requests. The Services Plus allow you to adapt Giobby, quickly and correctly, to your specific business needs.

Who is a Giobby Partner?

Customer service, cordial and punctual, is what distinguishes Giobby. Our Partner is prepared, specialized and certified to promote, sell and provide assistance on Giobby. We are allied with our partners to grow together.

How can I become a Giobby Partner?

If you like Giobby, share our vision and you like to work hard, in a stimulating environment, dynamic and evolving, you can send us your application by writing an email to partner [at] giobby.com or by calling 0871.090095

Can I change the Plan if my business needs change?

Certainly. Plans are valid for one year but at any time an upgrade can be made (for example, from the Business Plan to the Enterprise Plan). Resizing the Plan (for example, from the Business Plan to the Professional Plan) is possible at the end of the twelve month period.

Is it mandatory to activate ecommerce?

The activation of eCommerce for online sales is optional. Compiling the Company Card is mandatory, which gives you visibility into the marketplace.

To activate the eCommerce or the Company portal in Giobby do I need my own domain?

No, Giobby provides a domain like “miaAzienda.giobby.com” on which will be published your company portal and your ecommerce showroom.

Is it possible to manage multiple companies or shops?

Yes, Giobby allows you to manage multiple companies, more stores, more warehouses and more users.

Can I manage both my physical store and eCommerce with Giobby?

Yes, Giobby is an integrated platform that satisfies this need. Moreover, the operations on the physical store and on the virtual store have both immediate effects on the availability of stock, which will always be perfectly aligned.

Can I track my sales in the physical store and those made from the virtual store separately?

Of course, with Giobby it is possible to obtain this very important management information

Which cash registers are compatible with Giobby?

Giobby supports a variety of compatible cash register.

If I need a feature or do I have an idea to propose?

We are always interested in receiving good ideas and suggestions that can make Giobby grow. We are available to evaluate every good proposal.

How to delete my account?

You can find the link in: Settings -> quick links -> Delete your Account. You can find more details in paragraph 13 of our term of service.