Cloud Application for Business

Multilingual. Multi user. Multi company and stores.
Open for integration with enterprise solutions.


Tailor-made for you

Management, Collaboration, Empowerment

Giobby is been designed to work in sync. Integration is in Giobby’s DNA.

Cloud ERP

  • Cloud, multilingual and multi-user
  • Features about Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Accounting
  • CRM system is integrated to manage contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Projects, Calendars, Messagges, eMail and eCommerce are all linked


  • Company Portal: it’s a mini website integrated with the ERP, it contains a reserved area dedicated to Customers for exchanging documents, Price Lists and Download Estimates and Invoices.
  • eCommerce: Showroom products and services, Point of Sales.
  • Estimates and sales management. Shipments. Multilingual and Multicurrency.

Community B2B

  • The Community is dedicated to empower your Business. Enhance relationships to create a competitive advantage. A worldwide business.
  • Optimize collaboration and communication with customers and suppliers.
  • It offers the opportunity to get acquainted and to gain new contacts. Expand your business.

It’s cloud and it speaks different languages

With Giobby you can expand your business.
You can manage workplaces and staff in different Countries in the same time


You can dispose of data wherever you are and in safe

It’s important for companies to dispose and manage their data at any time and anywhere in the world and data security is absolutely crucial. For this reason we provide data storage and data transfer solutions in compliance with all security standards.

Save resources and preserve your investment capacity

With Giobby you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware infrastructures and software solutions. So, you can save money to reinvest in your own business. Moving towards an integrated cloud platform means to promote innovation in your organization and to compete world wide.

Flexibility and competitiveness support your business abroad

The multilingual cloud platform allows your company to quickly expand activities around the world. You can touch new markets without investments particularly burdensome for small business. Giobby helps you to be agile and competitive. In Giobby your business is borderless.

Mirko Ferrari
Ninja Marketing

Talking about business, today it’s crucial to access the software high quality solution that reduces initial investment and annual costs.

Efficient Management

It’s easy to work in real time with your team.
Giobby provides features to make easy team working.




You can reduce inefficiencies and innovate your company’s workflow at the same time


You can work in real time with all team members. You can manage a specific tool set useful for cooperation (projects, calendars, messages and push notifications system)


Giobby is suitable for professionals, small and medium companies. Giobby is intuitive and operational to optimize your work.

Expand your business

Giobby facilitates the internationalisation process: it provides a cloud platform useful to manage global business activities.


You can finally manage offices, warehouse, employees and sales force anywhere in the world using different languages. You can easily manage and develop your international positioning.


In Giobby +15,000 companies (various types) have improved their business in terms of management and development.

iPhone and Android native App

Stay up to date wherever you are. A powerful sales experience.

  • Contacts, Customers and Suppliers unified management
  • CRM to manage leads, opportunities, meetings and other trade activities
  • Create and display customer documents (quotation, sales order, delivery note, invoice)
  • Sales orders in real time
  • Products catalogues
  • Calendars, activities and push notifications system
  • Messages (coworkers, customers, suppliers)
  • Community B2B

Work with your tablet

Giobby works on every mobile device

API to integrate Giobby with ICT solutions

Giobby provides a complete integration even with your existing software tools.



  • You can integrate your own eCommerce platform with Giobby in order to manage in real-time data about products, prices, availability, sales orders, invoices, etc.
  • You can integrate your own ICT solutions about production, logistics, process quality, etc.
  • You can download data useful for you and for your company consultants
  • You can extend Giobby with features specific for your business.



All features
to manage and cooperate

market ecommerce


Products Catalogues, Sales Orders and
Customer Confidential Area



Communication with customers and
new relationship opportunities