The management of information and relationships with customers is a fundamental lever for business development.
Customer Relationship Management through the achievement of organizational efficiency supports the increase in turnover and, at the same time, facilitates relations with customers.

All the features of Giobby’s CRM are also available on the APP (iOS and Android). The logical process that inspired Giobby’s CRM on Desktop also characterizes the APP (see details).

The CRM in Giobby is integrated into the Contact details (in addition to the Personal Calendar and Personal Activities) and is managed within a single shared work area accessible by multiple users, from anywhere and with every device.

Find out quickly how to manage customers with Giobby’s CRM, watch the video:

Opening the CRM Contacts section displays the following screen:


At the top you can select All Contacts, the Customer List (blue color), the Vendor List (orange color) and the Leads List (gray color).

The management of the Leads identifies the CRM tools integrated into Giobby.

Paying attention to the management of the Leads, with the key called “v + Add” (top right) you can create a new contact in the registry. This contact is currently a potential customer (but could also be a potential supplier or a personal contact) and is entered in the registry to be able to plan and organize business activities and relationships.

General CRM notice board

Giobby also offers the Bacheca CRM general functionality that allows you to have an immediate view of the activities planned for the management of all your contacts (customers and leads). The icons at the top right represent a summary of the commercial opportunities (won, lost, open). The most recent activities appear at the top of the list. From this screen you can filter the activities, create new ones, modify them and delete them.

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