Notifications are notices with synthetic text that inform the user of the activities to be carried out in Giobby. These warnings are signaled by the bell on the lower left side bar.



By clicking on the bell

a Notification box which appears as follows will be opened


There are 5 sections of Notifications that may include:

  • ecommerce (purchase orders received, contact request, sale made, etc.)
  • messages (internal instant messaging service)
  • emails (received)
  • calendar (activities to be carried out)
  • other (for example, all activities related to the Social of Giobby)

Each section is associated with a color that will match the color of the ball located under the bell (in the figures above, as an example, the notification ball marked by the bell is blue, in fact the notification concerns the calendar section).
In addition, each notification section can be “switched off” individually with the button on the right. Please note that this action only deletes the notifications and not the activities (the emails received, for example, remain in the section dedicated to e-mails).

By clicking on the bell again, the notification box closes and Giobby will be ready to remind you of your next activity.